Why RAMONAK-03 patient warmer?

The RAMONAK-03 patient warming system is designed for safe and effective warming of patients on all perioperative stages, as well as for the prevention of hypothermia and its complications in the OT, ICU, etc.


  • As soon as the patient is transferred to the OR table, the RAMONAK-03 Patient Warmer starts "active patient warming".
  • The system incorporates resistive warming, which uses a resistive element and temperature sensors to ensure safe temperature management.
  • The gel pad surface temperature is intentionally limited to 39OC for patient comfort and safety.
  • This patient warming unit can be used for any medical procedure, regardless of duration, and is used consistently.


  • The RAMONAK-03 Patient Warmer is designed for ease of use. You can activate it by simply selecting your desired temperature and pressing the START button, and every patient will be actively warmed using safe, constant, and uniform warming technology. In contrast, other warming methods require multiple steps and can consume valuable staff time.
  • With RAMONAK heating and gel pads and control unit mounted on OT table rail, you can benefit from increased efficiencies, reduced supply costs, labor costs, and reduced room turnover time.
  • The system's design is simple and clutter-free, providing an optimal patient experience.
  • Our gel pads are made of Medical Grade Silicone, which is highly durable and chemically stable, and help to prevent Decubitus Ulcers and Nerve Injury.


  • The RAMONAK-03 Patient Warmer has pays itself back in less than a year. Warming of 250 patients in the perioperative period can amount to over $5,000 due to the use of disposableblankets and mattresses. Additionally, forced-air warming requires constant restocking of supplies, OR staff time for setting up and cleaning, and generates large volumes of medical waste.
  • Patients undergoing procedures that last less than half an hour may be left cold since it takes too long to set up warming.
  • However, with the one-time purchase of the RAMONAK-03 patient warming unit:
    • single-use disposables are eliminated
    • heating and gel pads are always in place
    • requires no setup time
    • no waste is generated
    • there is minimum equipment to clean
    • with a simple press of a button, patients are actively warmed from the moment they are placed on the table, regardless of the duration of the procedure.
  • By investing in the RAMONAK system, your facility can save a significant amount of money while ensuring every patient is warm.


  • Approximately 70% of medical waste is made up of surgical disposables. The decision to use disposable or reusable products is frequently determined by habitual practices and the belief that it is more cost-effective.
  • In contrast, the RAMONAK-03 patient warming unit produces no medical waste during its typical usage period.
Read more about the features of the patient warmer RAMONAK-03. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you!
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