We upgraded AMPIR-01 line. It is TWICE powerful, than before!

AMPIR-01 line is TWICE powerful, than before!

AMPIR-01 and -01A blood IV fluid warmers are TWICE powerful than before. Now with 390 W installed power.

We upgraded AMPIR-01 warmers and now the warm-up time is less than 2 minutes and the flow rate increased to 4 000 ml/hour minimum.

For more information, please, follow the link.

Ampir-01 is a blood and infusion warming device, suitable for operating rooms, ICU, emergency departments, infusion rooms, dialysis rooms, hematology departments, neonatal departments, wards, etc. Blood, blood products, medicinal liquids, nutrient solutions or washing fluids that are refrigerated or stored at room temperature flow through the instrument during use and can be heated to a temperature close to that of human body, which can prevent patients' hypothermia.

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