RAMONAK-03 Patient Warming System

RAMONAK-03 Patient Warming System with Gel Pads by TAHAT is used for fast, effective and safe warming of patients, prevention and treatment of hypothermia and its aftereffects in pre-, intra- and post-operative period. It can be used in emergency rooms, operating theaters, intensive care units, and other wards.

- Protection of patients skin from pressure sores and nerve damage
- Full-length pads provide end to end pressure reduction and even patient weight distribution
- Prevents bruising for patients with circulatory problems
- Even heat distribution
- Protection of patients from direct contact with the heating plate
- Designed for use on most of the operation tables
- Radiolucent, non-conductive
- Leakproof – even if punctured. Advanced polymer gel does not run and, as a result, has a superior lifespan
- Ideal for a wide range of procedures to provide complete pressure and shear reduction and are used in combination with the operating tables mattress.
- Latex-free, plasticizer and fibreglass free, non-allergenic for patient and staff safety
- Does not support microbiological growth
- Can be cooled to -12 degrees C and heated to a maximum of 40 degrees C
- Can be easily cleaned using standard OR environment detergents. It is not advised to soak the gel pad. The product is not suitable for use in conjunction with an autoclave or Gas sterilization.

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