IV fluid and blood warmer «AMPIR-01»

  • Warranty 2 years
- Fast warming of IV fluids, blood and its substitutes
- 24h set temperature maintenance
- Flow rate - up to 6 000 ml/hour
- Open system. Any long standard IV lines can be used

Warming of infusion solutions, IV fluids, blood and its substitutes is one of the conditions of proper infusion therapy. The use of Ampir-01 in everyday medical practice helps to improve patients' conditions in pre-, intra- and post-operative periods, and reduce complications caused by hypothermia.

Can be used in OR, emergency rooms, intensive care units, etc.

Blood and fluid warmer AMPIR-01 is used in:

  • Infusion therapy for children and adults
  • Blood transfusion
  • Infusion of blood plasma and serum


  • Effective warming owing to special design and large contact surface of the heat exchanger
  • 24h set temperature maintenance
  • Secure retention of the IV line in the heat exchanger
  • Any standard long IV lines can be used
  • Constant monitoring of all device systems
  • Quick and easy set-up and mounting on an IV stand or rail

IV fluid and blood warmer consists of:

Heat exchanger

  • 2-3 winds of the IV line around the heat exchanger are enough for effective warming
  • One wind of the IV line around the heat exchanger is 435 mm. 
  • 2 IV lines can be used simultaneously
  • Open system. Long standard infusion lines from any manufacturer

Microprocessor control unit

  • LED display
  • User settings
  • Self-diagnostics at the power-up and during operation
  • Audible and visual alarms of high and low temperatures and faulty operations 


  • IV fluid warmer can be mounted on an IV stand or rail with the diameter of 15-55 mm
  • Secure non-slip mounting
  • Fluid and blood warmer machine «AMPIR-01»
  • Сustomer satisfaction survey
  • Planning files
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