Blood and infusion warmer «AMPIR-01А»

- Modification of infusion warmer device with circular control
- The microprocessor-based controler, self-testing
- Signals of alarms

Prevention and treatment of hypothermia and associated complications in pre-, intra- and post-operative periods.

Warming of fluids, blood and its substitutes is one of the conditions of proper infusion-transfusion therapy. The use of device Ampir-01 in everyday medical practice helps to improve the patient’s condition in pre-, intra- and post-operative period, and reduce complications caused by hypothermia.

Using in the surgical wards and intensive care units.

Infusion and blood warmer AMPIR-01A is used in:

  • Intravenous therapy for children and adults
  • Blood transfusion
  • Transfusion of plasma
  • Injection of nutrient solutions through a nasal or enteral probes


  • Efficient warming due to a special design and large contact surface of the heat exchanger
  • Maintaining set temperature during 24 h
  • Reliable line fixing in the heat exchanger
  • Using standard infusion systems of any manufacturers
  • Constant monitoring of all device functions
  • Quick and easy mounting to the intravenous stand

Blood and infusion warmer device consists of:

Heat exchanger

  • 2-3 winds of the line around the heat exchanger are enough for efficient warming
  • One wind of the line around the heat exchanger is 450 mm
  • Two lines can be used at the same time
  • Infusion lines of various diameters

Microprocessor control unit

  • Control regulator
  • LED display
  • Indication of warming mode
  • User settings saving
  • Self-testing upon switching on and during operation
  • High and low temperature alarm


  • Infusion warmer device can be mounted on a stand with the diameter of 15-55 mm
  • Secure non-slip mounting on a stand
  • External power supply
    230 ±23 V / 50 Hz
  • Temperature setting
    34°С to 41,5°С
  • Temperature accuracy
  • Warming-up time
    not more 5 min
  • Continuous work time
    24 h
  • Type/class of protection against electric shock
  • Ingress protection rating
    IP 23
  • Demensions
    225×195×170 mm
  • Weight
    approx. 2.8 kg
  • Average power consumption
    30 W/h
  • CE-marked
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