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Blood and fluid warmers

Warming blood and infusion solutions

Delivery of cold infusion solutions and blood, leading to a body temperature decrease, is one of the factors of unintentional hypothermia. To maintain normothermia and prevent hypothermia, the patient is delivered with fluids warmed to the required temperature.

Thermal balancing of the patient leads to clinical and economic benefits by reducing the incidence of complications and hospital stay time.

Company TakhatAksi offers a line of equipment AMPIR - from stationary to portable devices low to high flow that provide fast and safe continuous blood and IV fluids warming.

It should be understood that using infusion warmers can prevent warm loss, but cannot warm already cooled patient. Therefore, for the prevention and effective treatment, it is necessary to comprehensively approach the issue of eliminating hypothermia: in addition to devices for warming liquids, there uses devices to warm the skin surface - patient warming systems.

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