Plasma & Blood Products Thawing Device PlasmaBox

CE MDR pending
- 3 models with 1, 2 or 3 compartments
- Suitable for all types of bags and bottles (up to 1 000 ml)
- Dry thawing. No direct contact with water
- Overheating protection (6 temperature sensors per compartment)
- Leakage detection

Fast and effective thawing of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), blood, cryoprecipitate, cryopreserved products and stem cells; warming of bags with blood, blood products and substitutes, IV fluids.

Features of PlasmaBox:

  • State-of-the-art technology of dry thawing. No direct contact with water
  • High safety for patients with no risk of plasma infection
  • Gentle thawing system allows achieving a homogeneous temperature of the product
  • Thaws up to 9 bags at a time (model L)
  • Thaws all types of bags and bottles (up to 1 000 ml)
  • 6 temperature sensors per compartment
  • Leakage detection sensors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Transparent lid for visual inspection and control
  • Time saver for laboratory and medical personnel - no need to change water and wash the device every day

Area of application:

  • Blood banks
  • Laboratories
  • Intensive care units
  • Operating theaters
  • Blood services providing blood transfusion therapy


  • 15 minutes to fully operational
  • 2 operation modes:
    - TIME (standard 37 °С)
    - AUTO (rapid 37-45 °С)
  • Separate control panel for each compartment
  • Memory settings (one-button operation)
  • Ice free indication (ICE FREE)
  • Heated plasma indication >33°C (for transfusion)
  • Indication of current temperature and time remaining till the end of the program
  • Indication of bags with plasma/blood presence in the device
  • End of program alarm


  • Overheat protection
  • 6 temperature sensors per compartment
  • Dry thawing and warming technology (no direct contact with water) eliminates the risk of bacterial contamination
  • Leakage sensor in each compartment
  • Open lid indicator
  • Audible and visual alarms at the end of the cycle
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded edges ensure safety when working with bags, reducing the risk of their accidental damaging

Ease of maintenance

  • No need to drain the water. Quick replacement of the sealed bag with distilled water once a year
  • Easy care with standard detergents and disinfectants
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Integrated system for wireless monitoring and diagnostics


PlasmaBox model range

  • PlasmaBox
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