Portable blood and fluid warmer in infusion therapy «AMPIRmini»

  • Garanty 2 years
- Compact portable fluid warming device
- Emergency treatment for hypothermia before arriving at the hospital
- Maintaining set temperature during 24 h
- Low flow rate

The lightweight and portable design of the warming device makes it ideal for emergency blood transfusion, blood and plasma infusion, intravenous infusion in children and adults. Vital treatment and prevention of hypothermia and the complications it causes before arriving at the hospital. Possibility of operation in healthcare facilities from electric mains.

Suitable for non-stationary conditions: aviation medicine,  ambulances, disaster medicine, surgery outside the hospital, home treatment.

Consists of

Blood and fluid warming device consists of:

1. Control unit

  • LED display indicates current temperature
  • Separate control buttons
  • 2 operating modes:
    - Manual mode: the temperature can be set between 34°С and 42°С with 0.1°С increments;
    - Auto mode: temperature is maintained at 36.6°С
  • Audible and visual alarms, self-diagnostics at the power-up and during operation

2. Integrated heat exchanger

  • Designed for one or two IV lines (adults or adults + infants)
  • Max. flow rate: 900 ml/h (with 1 IV line)
  • Open system. Standard infusion lines required
  • Duralumin heating plate: high thermal conductivity, durability and resistance to mechanical stress

3. Uninterruptible power supply

  • Built-in battery-powered operation up to 5 hours
  • Simultaneous operation and charging
  • Connection to a car 12V socket
  • Charging panel
  • Clamp for control unit mounting

4. Belt for fixing  

  • The device can be mounted very close to the patient: on an IV stand, near the injection site to the patient, bed or stretcher.

Early prevention of hypothermia is very important when it comes to survival, as it is associated with high mortality among severely injured patients. AMPIRmini is a quick and easy solution for warming up blood and solutions for the treatment of patients in critical situations, no matter where the injury occurs.

  • Warming device power supply
    24 V
  • External power supply
    110-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Average power consumption
    30 W/h
  • Temperature increment
    34°С to 42°С
  • Temperature accuracy
  • Warming-up to 37 ºC
    2 min
  • Warming-up 37 ºC from UPS
    5 min
  • Continuous operation
    24 h
  • Continuous work time from UPS
    2 h
  • Electric shock protection class
  • Protection rating
    IP 23
  • Warming device weight (w/o battery unit)
    approx. 0.3 kg
  • CE-marked
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