Newborn warmer RAMONAK-01

  • Warranty 2 years
- Warming system for preterm, near term and full-term babies
- 24h temperature maintenance
- Water mattress or gel pad

RAMONAK-01 is an advanced newborn warmer, the perfect solution for providing optimal warmth and care to newborns and infants, including preterm, near term and full-term babies. It is hard to overestimate the importance of maintaining normothermia and preventing cold stress to ensure well-being of newborns and infants.

RAMONAK-01 newborn warmer offers a range of features designed to deliver exceptional care and comfort. The baby bed, specifically designed to allow newborns to take a comfortable position, creating a relaxing effect. The water mattress provides a sense similar to being next to the mother's warm skin, enhancing the newborn's comfort and security.


  • Baby bed allows a newborn to take comfortable position, creating relaxing effect
  • The water mattress makes the baby feel like being next to the mother’s warm skin
  • The system is equipped with all types of alarms, e.g. overheating and other faulty operations
  • Open ergonomic system that gives easy access to a baby for nurses and parents

Baby warmer consists of

Newborn warmer consists of:

1. Control unit

  • LED displays indicate current and set temperatures
  • 24h maintenance of the set temperature
  • User settings
  • Audible and visual alarms, self-diagnostics at the power-up and during operation
  • User warning system
  • IP 20 protection class

2. Heating module

  • Thin and flexible
  • Resistant to wear and tear, and disinfectants
  • 2 built-in temperature sensors 
  • IP 45 protection class

3. Water mattress

  • Temperature sensor inside the water mattress
  • Water capacity ~ 4,5l 
  • Made of medical transparent PVC resistant to UV

4. Gel pad

  • Protection of skin from pressure sores and nerve damage
  • Radiolucent, non-conductive
  • Leakproof - even if punctured. Advanced polymer gel doesn’t run
  • Latex-free, plasticizer and fibreglass free, non-allergenic
  • Doesn’t support microbiological growth
  • Can be easily cleaned using standard detergents

5. Baby bed

  • Water mattress/gel pad and heating pad are placed in a compartment with the zipper
  • Prevents a newborn from sliding off
  • The system is delivered with 3 baby beds
  • Disposable and reusable covers available (options)

* Crib is nоt included

RAMONAK-01 newborn warmer is indispensable in providing essential thermal support for newborns and infants in maternity wards and hospitals and for babies under medical treatment. RAMONAK-01 newborn warming system is the ideal choice for ensuring the well-being of newborns and delivering exceptional care.

  • Power supply
    110-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Heating module voltage supply
    24 V
  • Average power consumption
    40 W/h
  • Temperature setting
    34°С - 39°С
  • Temperature increment
  • Heating time of water mattress to 39º С
    90 min
  • Heating time of gel pad to 39ºС
    30-40 min
  • Continuous operation
    24 h
  • Electric shock protection class
  • Water mattress dimensions
    600х320 mm
  • Gel pad dimensions
    620х340 mm
  • CE mark
  • Leaflet newborn baby warmer «RAMONAK-01»
  • Сustomer satisfaction survey
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